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Anti-Racism Pledge

Our pledge to stand against racism in academia

Members of the Portera-Cailliau Lab pledge to…

  • Acknowledge the facts about societal and institutional racism:
    • Very few of our fellow scientists are Black
    • Black scientists are still discredited and ignored in academia
    • A long history of systematic oppression of Black people contributed to this inequity
    • Science itself has been misused to propagate racist ideas and has taken advantage of Black people
    • We recognize that Black scientists bear the unfair minority tax burden

  • Educate ourselves about racism and inequity in academia by…
    • Accepting that we have implicit biases against Black scientists and making active efforts to address and educate ourselves about these biases
    • Acknowledging that it is our responsibility to find solutions
    • Reading articles/books and watching movies/webinars about these issues1
    • Discussing these topics before every weekly lab meeting
    • Holding quarterly meetings to discuss these topics with our colleagues
    • Participating in school-wide events
    • Listening to and learning about the experiences of Black academics and scientists

  • Take action by…
    • Educating our colleagues about institutional racism and holding them and ourselves accountable
    • Amplifying Black voices in and outside of science
    • Calling out microaggressions against our colleagues when we witness them
    • Doing more STEM outreach for middle school and high school students
    • Working with our institution’s leadership to implement new anti-racist policies
    • Mentor Black undergrads and encourage our colleagues to do the same
    • Inviting Black faculty to seminars/meetings we organize
    • Collaborating with Black colleagues at our institution and beyond
    • Commemorating a day of #shutdownSTEM2 to recognize the struggles of being #BlackintheIvory


1 For more information, please refer to the following anti-racism resources (focused on academia):



Discussions about Anti-Racism and Diversity during our weekly lab meetings





Discussions about Ibram X. Kendi's "How to be an antiracist"